Our student-athletes are a beacon of everything good about college athletics, and they have chosen to compete here, at one of the top ten public universities in the country. Your support gives them that opportunity — the chance to not only succeed on the field but in life.

Enhancement Gifts & Endowments

Gifts to the campus can be made in the form of cash, stock, real estate, or planned gift. All gifts supporting the Gauchos are part of the campus’ successful Campaign for UC Santa Barbara. Gifts are made through the UCSB Foundation, a 501(3)(c) organization, and are tax deductible.
If you have specific questions about investing, please contact us.

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Gifts of Stock or Real Estate

A successful way of supporting the Gauchos can be made in the form of real estate, marketable stocks or mutual fund shares that have appreciated can be gifted to UCSB. These funds can be used to financially support UCSB Athletics and you receive a favorable income tax deduction based on the current value of the assets.


Multiyear Pledges

Gifts paid in full help create a solid timeline to complete projects or support annual operating and scholarship budgets. However, multiyear pledges are a flexible way for teams and athletics to plan ahead with providing resources and opportunities. Payments can be made by a certain date each year.


Gift Planning

Planned gifts or estate gifts are an effective way to manage your affairs and plan for the future while making a meaningful contribution to the Gaucho Fund or UCSB Athletics’ Walk of Champions capital projects plan. Common gift planning strategies include bequests, charitable gift annuities, remainder trusts, donor advised funds, gifts of life insurance, or real property. Many gift planning strategies can provide a reliable source of income and/or tax benefits for the donor.


Current Athletics Enhancement Gifts & Endowments

Due to the large amount of principal needed to yield an annual return to benefit programs or scholarships, Endowment funds managed by the UCSB Foundation can provide perpetual annual support for the program of your choice. Gifts can be either cash or cash equivalent (readily marketable assets or real estate). Gifts may take the form of any numbers of deferred gift methods, which include trusts, annuities, will provisions and life insurance.

Athletics enhancement gifts today include:


  • Gregg and Carol Wilson Swimming Fund for Excellence
  • Nick Johnson Memorial Fund
  • Anonymous Gift for Jim & Cheryl Barber Academic Success Center
  • Men’s Volleyball Legacy Fund for Excellence
  • Glazer Family Endowment for Men’s Soccer
  • Men’s Soccer Enhancement Fund
  • Kirby Jones (’77)/Marvel Kirby (’51) Men’s Tennis Endowment
  • Judy Bellomo Memorial Fund for Women’s Volleyball
  • Trenholm-Romero Women’s Basketball Enhancement Fund
  • Ardy V. Barton Women’s Tennis Team Scholarship
  • Ardy V. Barton Men’s Tennis Team Scholarship
  • John and Judy Arnhold Fund for Men’s Tennis
  • John and Judy Arnhold Fund for Women’s Tennis
  • Gifts honoring Louise Lowery Davis, Spud Harder, Gary Cunningham, Joseph E. Lantange and Ina Kristiansen