The Hammerhead commitment matters and is making a difference! Our spiritual and financial commitment has put us dead center in the cross hairs of helping turn UCSB Baseball into a national powerhouse!

The Living Scholar program supports Gaucho athletes, where Gaucho alums and supporters donate $5,000 a year to help support a current UCSB student-athlete.

This year, we are asking each of you to make an annual commitment to the Living Scholar program in the name of The Steve Drott Marc Brody Hammerhead Living Scholar.

This year's goal is to provide AT LEAST five more Living Scholars for the baseball program. Together, we are making a difference!

Thank you to the generous donors who have already donated to the project:

Paul Amick '83
John Anderson '83
John Eugster '85
Casey Gorman '85
Matt McCormick '87
Greg Solari '87
Kirk Johnson '82
John Davis '82
Tim McKercher '88
In Memory of Steve Pratt
In Memory of Phil Womble
Brian White '84
Michael Davin '86
Mike Winterhalter '82
Steve French '84
In Memory of Phil Womble
Paul '86 & Suzi '84 Liu
Greg Provenzano '83
Randy Racich '85
Jeffrey Cadieux '82
Michael Guterman '86
Chris Vansell
Dan Dugan '83
Grant ’85 & Shelly King
Ronan Vance '88
Bill Gerich '86
Doug Parsons '85
William Garrels '84
Paul Brown '85
Michael Tresemer '86
Richard Palmer '86
Bill Geivett '88
Kevin Walsh '83
Mark Yocca '85
Brian '86 & Suzanne '86 Anderson
Steve Snyder '84
George Pugsley '85
Mark Weinberg '85
Larry Welch '85
Marc Brody '84
Glen Magpoing '82
David Ehlow '83
Brian Scarminach '82
Kevin McTague '84
Joe Rogers '87
Donny Moore '84
Lee Carballo '89
In Memory of Steve Pratt and Paul Saylors
John '86 & Tonia Gould
Steve Harbison '83
Dennis Bol '85
Joseph McGreevy '89
William Leversee '87
Philip Arnautou '83
Geoffrey Plowden '86
Andy Cockell '88
Mike Gorman '83
Gregg Siegel '83
Gary Pearce '82
Jeff Babbitt '86
Ted Riddell '85
Brent Roach
Jeff Wilson '87
James Larson '88
Robert Lindgren '83
Thomas Moffat
Steve Boelter '83
Tom Parrish '83
Eric Abrahamson '83
John Anderson '83
Hank Robinson '83
Steve Mogavero '86
Steve Clark '82
In Honor of Sarge

GOAL:   $25,000


Give now to participate in the giving challenge:

To make a gift via monthly payments please contact christina.baglas@ucsb.edu or call 805-893-5372.

Please note "Hammerhead Living Scholar" in the notes section on the giving form.